Friday, January 26, 2007

What's Up With All of This?

Weird Wally can’t help but shake his head at what Bush has decided to do in Iraq. Instead of a gradual withdrawal, he is ordering a “surge.”

The way WW understands it is that U.S. Forces would be embedded with Iraqi Forces for the purposes of training. On paper, the plan makes sense in a warped kind of way, but when looked at from the real world, his plan really sucks. Ever wonder what being embedded with Iraqi Forces might be like? Click here to find out This is a graphic video.

Despite what the Pentagon would have us believe, our troops aren’t safe anywhere in Iraq, not even in their own compounds. Click here for more

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Now for the Scary Stuff:

Ever hear of Blackwater-USA? They are highly trained mercenaries deployed to Iraq by a secretive private military company based in North Carolina — Blackwater USA. Our government is outsourcing some of it’s military and intelligence functions to a private army with lots of resources. Click here for more

Why did our government kidnap a Canadian citizen (they say arrested), while changing planes at a New York airport and send him to Syria to be tortured? Click here for more

Strange occurrences in the domestic wiretap lawsuits. Although very scary stuff, WW got a chuckle or two from this. Click here for more

A key ex-Pentagon adviser and close associate of Vice President Cheney hinted that US Marines might be used in an Iran strike in an a Wednesday night appearance in New York. Click here for more

Things are already strange but still getting stranger. Although Bush refuses to talk with the Syrian government because he “can’t believe them,” he believed them when they agreed not to torture a Canadian citizen we sent them. Needless to say, the Syrians lied and tortured him anyway and Canada is really pissed at us. WW, meanwhile is having trouble believing the eyes and ears. This can’t really be happing. But it is.

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