Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weird Wally is Back

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Ok all you neocons, it’s time to crawl back under your rocks because Weird Wally is back and ready to do battle.

Actually, WW hasn’t updated this site in over a year and a lot has happened. For one thing, the Democrats now control Congress and our President has been busted on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and our subsequent occupation of that country. And although we should be downsizing, we are expanding our troops by 20,000.

Besides the sheer craziness of such a venture, the continuing mismanagement of this war, our troops, their families and the people of Iraq will pay a heavy price.

WW can’t help but wonder what it must be like for a soldier who is getting ready for a fourth tour of duty in Iraq.

Most likely, were WW a person in uniform, WW would be seriously pissed off. And that anger has to manifest in some way, shape or form.

More then likely, that anger will be turned on Iraqis because they can’t manage to protect themselves. The senseless reason for being over there aside, the troops are being used and abused by the very government they serve. Few of them have had a chance to recover from the PTSD of there last tour. And, as we all know, crap has a way of rolling down hill. From the steps of the White House all the way down to every Iraqi child on the street. The intense stress, frustration and anger could result in some ugly displacement and violence. At the very least, it is possible that our troops may end up being very abusive to the people they are being forced to “protect.”

And the worse we behave, the more the Iraqis will come to resent us and their violence against us and to themselves is likely to increase. It’s a mad and dangerous cycle and it looks like things are going to get a lot worse before, if ever, getting better.

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