Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Hillary Clinton And Youtube

As of 6:00 this morning (MST), Hillary Clinton had 1043 different clips on Youtube.

And the more Weird Wally sees her, the more he likes her. Only problem is, WW also likes Barack Obama and would love to vote for both of them.

It’s almost like the Democrats are blessed to have two excellent candidates applying to run as president. The downside is, Hillary is a woman and Barack is black. Already, FOX News is implying that Barack Hussein Obama is an undercover Muslim secret agent. And although that kind behavior by FOX may not be racist, it sure as hell comes close.

But while FOX subtly plays the race card in an obvious attempt to stir up fear and minimize the rule of common sense, the rest of us will have a couple of years to think about who we are and what we want. Is it possible that we are no longer a nation of cowards and are finally willing to stand up to the schoolyard bully? Could it be that we no longer believe that we need live in fear and anxiety and have made up our minds that the schoolyard bully no longer gets our lunch money?

WW thinks there is a lot riding on what we might eventually decide.


Michelle V said...

I like Barack. Maybe they'll end up on the same ticket.

Unknown said...

And I totally agree!