Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weird Wally’s Dirty Laundry...

A few days ago Weird Wally went to a coin-up laundry a few blocks from his apartment, and although he’d been going there for several years, and always enjoyed talking of books and local strip-mall gossip with the laundromat lady, something suddenly shifted.

And, while folding clothes and hanging shirts, WW overheard another customer's concern on Immigration and English Only.

So, WW, being a total jerk-off, tells them a joke that he passes off as real.

WW told the laundromat lady and her grandmother friend that he found himself in an elevator with a Chinese couple and an Hispanic male.

Both laundromat ladies expressed their idea at the fear WW must have felt at being in an elevator of diversity. And WW is black and very diverse from his laundromat friends.

And, while the couple from Asia talked in their language, when the Hispanic male reached his floor and, just before exiting the elevator, says, “You are in the USA, please speak Spanish!”

Same joke from a different point of view...

The lone African male in the elevator says, “you are in the USA, please speak Ubuntu!"

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