Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Alberto Concerto

Subtle changes?

by Hillbilly Hermit

Yesterday I was doing a bit of research on Hitler's rise to power, and
how Hitler was ultimately forced to put an end to the SA, and Rhom in
the process... specifically the "night of long knives" and the miserable
fate of Ernst Rhom.

Now I ponder how Bush is staunchly defending A. Gonzales in the face of
increasing pressure.

Weird Wally has talked about HSPD 20 (Executive order authorizing
dictatorial powers to Bush in event of "an emergency"). Most of the
nation hasn't even heard about it, much less become concerned about it,
but I wonder: This site gives an interesting commentary on it:

On June 10, Bush's tone seems to have changed-- just a bit. He used to
say "as long as I'm president". When he was again/still defending
Gonzales, this time, he specifically said: that no matter what congress
does, he will not let a "meaningless resolution" interfere with "my

From "as long as I'm president" to "my government"????????

And if your are not scared shitless, you have not been paying attention!

Hillbilly Hermit

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