Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weird Wally Freaks-Out

Until recently, Weird Wally has been in hog heaven cuz all of us real Americans; those who don’t hate (or try not to) have been blessed with two candidates who might get elected and change our depressing and hateful lives...

But something happened. If Obama is the Democratic Candidate, Hillary has given the McCain folks the perfect sound bite for national elections when she said that John McCain was more qualified to be president then Barack Obama.

And then, a person very close to Hillary said that were Obama not black, he would not be running for president. As an African American, I am very much offended by what your very close friend said. It’s like I don’t deserve anything I might have accomplished because I am African American and I got a few beaks?

Hillary, I am getting to know you via your words and deeds as you run for world leader. And I don’t like what I see and hear.

Please understand that Barack Obama is not a neo-con (neocon) Republican and means you no personal harm.

So why are you acting like such a shit?

Trust me on this,
Weird Wally

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