Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit's latest communique hints at the possibility that he may be crazy as hell, and that the big drug and pharm companies are out to silence his opinion and, those like him.

What do you think?

Hillbilly Hermit Sez:

by Hillbilly Hermit

"During the Reagan/first-bush era, we had the half-trillion $$ bank
robbery, also known as the Savings and Loan Scandal. Coincidentally, a
close friend of the Bush Senior prez. was a primary figure.

"Now, we watch as the whole world is shaken by the current scandal--
namely, "sub-prime" loans. And this time, it's not measured in
billions, but probably, trillions of $$

"And there's another difference. This time, they're not just stealing
the money from us, they are stealing our homes.

"But then, during the first bush scandal, Hillbilly Hermit noted that
those who got burned worst were those who tried to get something for
nothing by investing in unsafe/insecure S&Ls.

"And this time, it seems that the "victims" were also trying to get
something for nothing-- by getting unsafe/insecure, "equity loans" on
their homes-- ie; spending their futures.

"Of course, the real question is whether America and the world can
survive this one."

Hillbilly Hermit


Anonymous said...

People must defend their beliefs, even if it means removing everyone else from the planet who might disagree.

And us USA citizens are being told that removal and war are the paths we must take in order to bring peace and prosperity.

The above is bullshit and crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a matter of perspective. From the urban seat, I'm sure an old man living in the forest 20 miles from the nearest town is crazy.
From where I sit, 6.5 billion people thinking they can all aspire to the lifestyle of the rich american, and that it will be sustainable, is crazy... as is the notion that while 1 billion people are obese, 2 billion are starving to death.

But then, what do old hillbillies know?