Monday, February 05, 2007

Who is Sophie Scholl?

WW posted this one a little over week ago, but thought it needed to be posted again.

In search of cheap, mind-numbing entertainment, Weird Wally found himself at a local video outlet, but nothing stood out. Just about ready to give up and go the library, instead WW chanced up a new release. The blurb sounded interesting but, no way, would “Sophie Scholl,” be mind-numbing. It’s a well-done take on a test of wills between a young German woman and the entire Nazi legal machine. Although WW despises the word “inspirational,” there isn’t any other way to describe it. Low key as it is, it’s a very intense story of a brother and sister and life in Munich in 1943.The thing is, the movie also speaks to our lives of today. Ever wonder what life would be like a few years down the road if the neocons ran this country?

A government of fear is powered by fear. WW realizes that the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense, but it sounds so damn cool.

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Weird Wally

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